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2020 Comparative Constitutional Law(E) / Comparative Constitution (E)

[Lecture Course Basic Information]

Lecturer: M Ohkohchi
Other Lecturers:
Course Type: Lecture
Semester: Spring
Year: 3&4
Course Periods: Mon 13:00-16:15 every other week
Credits: 2
Whether mandatory or not: Not mandatory
Classroom: Online lecture. Please refrain from coming to school.


Measures to Prevent the Spread of Novel Coronavirus regarding implementation of this lecture


Outline of Lecture Course The purpose of this course is to review the fundamentals of constitutional theory, and examine how the theoretical application of Japanese constitutional law to various constitution-related issues compares to that of students’ home countries, while reviewing constitutional theory and its various manifestations in Asian and other countries. Students will learn about the history and fundamental principles of modern constitutions, gain a fundamental understanding of the constitutions of Japan and modern constitutional countries in Western Europe, and review the constitutions of various countries, particularly in Asia. These subjects will be further explored in class discussions in which students will proactively debate various related issues.

Course Objectives Through of this course, you will able to
1) acquire the basic knowledge of the history and grand theory of modern Constitution;
2) acquire the basic knowledge of Constitutional system in Japan and some developed countries; and
3) discuss on Constitutional law and issues in selected Asian countries.

Textbooks There is no Official Text Book. I will hand out some materials.
Course Materials/Supplementaries There is no Official Text Book. I will hand out some materials.
Assessment Your final grade will be calculated according to the following process: attendance and participation of discussion (50%), Mid-term report & Final report (40%), and  other assignment (10%).
Prerequisites N/A
Instructions for Out-of-Class Study You can receive the additional instruction in classroom.
Responding to Student Questions  See the Student Handbook.
Other Notes This class will be online by this canvas system. This class begins on April 20. To find out more, click here.


Lecture Theme Lecture Course Description Learning outside the class Related page
1 4/13 introduction

2 4/27

Historical development of modern Constitution (lecture)
3 5/18 History of the Japanese Constitutions (lecture)
4 6/1 History of Asian Countries' Constitutions (reports and discussion)
5 6/15 Institution of/for government in Japan (lecture)
6 6/29 System for protection of human rights in Western countries  (lecture)
7 7/15 System for protection of human rights in Japan (lecture)
8 7/29

final report(submission)

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