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601 Project Management I

[Lecture Course Basic Information]

Lecturer: T Nakano,  M Takahashi, Y Matsuura
Other Lecturers:
Course Type: Lecture
Semester: Fall
Year: M1
Course Periods: Thursday 13:00-14:30
Credits: 2
Whether mandatory or not: optional


Outline of Lecture Course

The primary goal of this course is to understand the method of proposing a project, organizing a research group and managing the project, through studying the basic knowledge about “a project,” which is based on a global standard of the project management.

Students who complete this course will have an improved ability to design and implement a project properly. Students can design a research proposal by themselves at the end of this course. Attendance and active contribution to the class are expected in this course.

Course Objectives

There are three objectives in this course. Students are expected to

  • To understand a project and project management comprehensively;
  • To acquire skills how to come up with a proposal for a good research and how to develop a good idea into a research project; and
  • To acquire skills to find interesting topics and issues related to their own research.

Handouts and materials will be provided in the class.
Recommended books, materials, movies and other artworks will be introduced in this course. Students are expected to read and watch these materials to understand a method of project management and related issues further.

Reference: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Sixth edition (2017). Project Management Institute.

Course Materials/Supplementaries Materials will be provided by the lecturer.

40%: Attendance and participation in discussions and group projects;
60%: Final presentation and a project proposal


Students are requested to contribute to discussion actively, as well as present their own research project clearly and logically. Students who accomplish given attainment targets can be evaluated as a successful participant.  

Students who are planning to take this course must attend the first session on 8th October 2020.


Any graduate students are welcome. Active participation is required in this course.

Instructions for Out-of-Class Study After each class, please review what you learned and discussed at the class, and apply it to your own research project. You may be requested to present your project in the following class.

Responding to Student Questions

Please make an appointment with instructors in advance if you need to consult. 

Also further questions and comments would be welcome in the class too.

Other Notes Students are required to bring their own smartphone or tablet PC to every session.


Lecture Theme Lecture Course Description Learning outside the class Related page
1 Oct. 8 (Thu) Introduction:
What is a “Project”?
Definition of a Project / Project Management
Course Introduction
2 Oct. 15(Thu)  Project Initiation (1) Problem Analysis
Stakeholders Analysis
3 Oct. 22(Thu)  Project Initiation (2) Workshop for problem and stakeholders analysis
Introducing tools for project management: Log Frame & Project Cycle Management
4 Oct.29 (Thu) Project Planning (1) The Project Scope Design
Design of WBS and Master Schedule
Breakdown of the Items
5 Nov.5 (Thu)  Project Planning (2) Designing your own WBS / Master Schedule
6 Nov.12 (Thu)  Mid-term presentation: Sharing your own research plan Student presentation (5-10min each)
7 Nov.19 (Thu)  Communication Management (1) What is a communication plan?
8 Nov.26 (Thu)  Communication Management (2) Negotiation with Your Stakeholders
9 Dec.3 (Thu) 

Project Progress Management (1)
What is a risk management?
Contingency Plan
Risk Management
10 Dec.10 (Thu)  Project Progress Management (2)
What is “risk” and “a risk”?
11 Dec.17 (Thu)  Project in Practice

Evaluating Your Draft Proposal by a Guest Speaker (practitioner)
Guest talk

12 Dec.24 (Thu)  Project Evaluation (1) Project close
Project evaluation
13 Jan.7 (Thu)  Project Evaluation (2) KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
Project Transition
14 Jan.14 (Thu) Final Presentation (1) Student’s Presentation
15 Jan.21 (Thu) Final Presentation (2) Student’s Presentation

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