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256 Peer Support Initiative: Comparative Law and Politics Seminars II

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Lecturer: Fumito SATO
Other Lecturers:
Course Type: Seminar
Semester: Spring semester
Year: M1&M2
Course Periods: Wednesday 6th period
Credits: 2 credits
Whether mandatory or not:

Orientation meeting will be held at 18:15 on 22 April by using "Zoom"( Participants are invited to the meeting through URL, which is indicated on the site of "Announcements" on the CANVAS.



Outline of Lecture Course

科目の設計 / Course Design
This course is composed of two subjects. The coursework of each subject will build on the last, which means that each subject must be basically undertaken in the appropriate order and successfully completed. Thus, It is highly expected that Peer Support Initiative 1 (PSI 1) is completed before moving onto PSI 2.

比較法政実習2について / About PSI-2
PSI-2 prioritizes the law and politics of the international students' home country, with the aim of deepening the mutual understanding of the participants' countries. So that the characteristics of the international students' home countries' legal and political systems can be highlighted better, the Japanese students shall, when needed, provide information on Japan.
As far as possible, the international students will explain the law and society of their own country in Japanese. Opportunities for Japanese students to give the same explanation in the languages of the international students will be increased.
Documents for these explanations will be created by the Japanese and international students in cooperation with each other. Small group trips to investigate the courts and other judicial institutions in Japan will be encouraged and students will be helped to gather independently materials for Japanese students' research of these places.

Course Objectives 外国の法制度・政治制度について、外国語を用いて、また、日本の法制度・政治制度との比較を通じて理解を深めるとともに、外国語で意思疎通をする力を養う。
Course objectives: To deepen students' understanding of the Japanese legal and political system through a comparison with the legal and political system of other countries and to enable students to explain and to communicate in a foreign language.


There is no specific textbook. As required, handouts will be distributed.

Course Materials/Supplementaries References:
- To be recommended based on the individual needs of the participants. (However, some basic materials may be distributed in advance of the lectures).
Assessment 「合・否」で判定する。演習の準備・参加態度・実施報告等を総合的に勘案して評価する。
Method of evaluating results: The results will be judged to be either 'pass' or 'fail'. This will be judged on the basis of an overall consideration of the preparation for classes, the participatory attitude, report compilation and so on.
Prerequisites 受講資格:特にありませんが、PSI-1を受講済みであることが望ましいです。
Course Prerequisites: It is preferable to attend PSI-2 after obtaining credits of PSI-1. But those, who for the first time join PSI, are also welcomed.
Instructions for Out-of-Class Study


Before attending a seminar, students shall check the terminology related to the topic and learn basic knowledge as preparatory work.

Responding to Student Questions


Office hours are set up on the 5th period Thursday (Room 327, 2nd floor, Faculty of Law).

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