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2017 703 Joint Research Workshop Ⅳ

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Lecturer: G. Colombo
Other Lecturers: Y Matsuura, D Yokomizo, S. McGinty, D. Green
Course Type: Seminar
Semester: Spring
Year: D1
Course Periods: not fixed
Credits: 4
Whether mandatory or not: mandatory
Classroom: -


Outline of Lecture Course Each doctoral student is expected to organize a small research group on a topic related to one's own research. This is the course to train the skills of doctoral students to design a research, manage the group research, organize an international workshop, and publish the proceedings of the workshop.
Course Objectives Main objectives: 1. to enhance the skill of drawing up a good research proposal, 2. to organize a research team, 3. to manage a joint research, 4. to organize an international workshop, and 5. to produce a proceedings of the workshop..
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     Each doctoral student will develop a plan through the consultation with the supervisors and the coordinator.


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