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gse2016609 2017 Seminar in International Law and Politics I

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Course Type: Seminar
Semester: Spring-Fall
Year: M1
Course Periods: -
Credits: 4
Whether mandatory or not: Compulsory


Outline of Lecture Course

This is the internship program for students. Each student will develop a plan of the overseas internship and/or the domestic internship in cooperation with the supervisor and the program coordinator.
The internship will take place mainly during the summer months and each student will experience some aspects of cross-border institutional design. In addition, students can have an intensive training of on Asian language and conduct a research relevant to their joint work and individual research.

The students may combine the internship program with one's own research visit or with presentation of the research results in a conference.

Course Objectives To learn the skill of developing one's own internship program and implementing the plan with good results.
Course Materials/Supplementaries
Assessment Student performace is assessed based upon the following elements.
1. Proposal of the Internship
2. Internship reports (report documents)
3. Presentation on the internship
4. Review report from the institution where the student conducts the internship.
[Subject: Seminar in International Law and Politics I]


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1 Internship proposal A successful internship begins from a good design and proposal of internship.

Develop your own plan by the end of May. Submit the proposal to your supervisor as well as the coordinator (Prof. Matsuura).

If you wish to attend a conference, the participation proposal must be approved in advance by your supervisor and the coordinator.

2 Internship records Keeping a good record what you did before, during and after the internship is essential to make the best use of an occasion of internship.
3 Tentative report Many professional work is done under time pressure.
Preparation of a tentative report is usually necessary.
4 Final report Improve your tentative report and come up with your final report.
5 Presentation Presentation is a great occasion for those who had a chance of internship. Please plan to share your achievement and unique experience with others.

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