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2017 608 Joint Research Workshop III

[Lecture Course Basic Information]

Lecturer: G Colombo
Other Lecturers: Y Matsuura, D Yokomizo, S McGinty, D Green
Course Type: Seminar
Semester: Spring
Year: M2
Course Periods: -
Credits: 2
Whether mandatory or not: Compulsory, only for the "Cross-Border Legal Institution Design" program students
Classroom: -


Outline of Lecture Course Based upon the joint presentation by the students in a February conference, each participating students will improve one's own research and produce a academic report as part of the satisfaction requirements for the degree.
Course Objectives

Main objective: to produce a good research paper by each student.  The topic of the paper is to be related to the topic jointly researched.

A joint research usually has many issues.  This is the training to find a topic that is important for an individual researcher and to develop a research paper on that topic. The collective report of a joint research is done by the students consortium and the individual researcher can contribute to the collective report by publishing a separate report. The main purpose of this course is to encourage each researcher to develop one's own view on a topic jointly studied.

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[Subject: Joint Research Seminar III]


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Each student can arrange discussion meetings with course instructors.


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