2017 255 Peer Support Initiative: Comparative Law and Politics Seminars II

[Lecture Course Basic Information]

Lecturer: SATO
Other Lecturers:
Course Type: Seminar
Semester: 1
Year: M1&M2
Course Periods: -
Credits: 2
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Outline of Lecture Course 比較法政実習2について / About PSI-2
それぞれの説明資料の作成は、相互支援の形で行います。テレビ会議システム、多言語対応のグループ掲示板などを活用して、課外活動として専門に限られない協力学習を推進します。テレビ会議システムは、肩のこらない会話訓練にも有効です。 数人単位の小グループなどにより、裁判所やその他の日本の司法関連機関などの訪問調査などを奨励して、日本人学生の現地研修のための資料収集が自主的に進むよう支援します。
PSI-2 prioritizes the law and politics of the international students' home country, with the aim of deepening the mutual understanding of the participants' countries. So that the characteristics of the international students' home countries' legal and political systems can be highlighted better, the Japanese students shall, when needed, provide information on Japan.
As far as possible, the international students will explain the law and society of their own country in Japanese. Opportunities for Japanese students to give the same explanation in the languages of the international students will be increased.
Documents for these explanations will be created by the Japanese and international students in cooperation with each other. Video conferencing, multilingual group bulletin boards and so on will be actively used and collaborative learning will progress in a variety of fields, not just the students' specializations. The video conferencing system will be useful training for engaging in informal chatting. Small group trips to investigate the courts and other judicial institutions in Japan will be encouraged and students will be helped to gather independently materials for Japanese students' research of these places.
Course Objectives 外国の法制度・政治制度について、外国語を用いて、また、日本の法制度・政治制度との比較を通じて理解を深めるとともに、外国語で意思疎通をする力を養う。
Course objectives: To deepen students' understanding of the Japanese legal and political system through a comparison with the legal and political system of other countries and to enable students to explain and to communicate in a foreign language.
Course Materials/Supplementaries
Assessment 「合・否」で判定する。演習の準備・参加態度・実施計画等を総合的に勘案して評価する。
7. Method of evaluating results: The results will be judged to be either 'pass' or 'fail'. This will be judged on the basis of an overall consideration of the preparation for classes, the participatory attitude, report compilation and so on.
Prerequisites 受講資格:特殊講義(比較法政演習供砲涼碓未鮗萋世靴討い觴圈△泙燭呂海譴鰺〓っ罎任△觴圈
Course Prerequisites: Those who have acquired credits or who are attaining credits at the moment in Special Lecture (Comparative Law and Politics Seminars II)
Other Notes 学習環境 / Learning environment
Furthermore, students are expected to carry out their activities while consulting with the Project Manager, Academic Advisor and the Nagoya University Law School International Student Alumni.
The website for cooperative learning is the same as that used for PSI-1.
コースの流れ / Work flow of the course
1、参加申し込みからグループの決定まで / From signing up to deciding groups
Students are required to sign up separately for PSI-1 and PSI-2.
As a rule, PSI-2 groups will consist of the same members as PSI-1. However if there are students who opt out of the program after completing PSI-1 or if there are any unforeseen situations deeming it necessary to change the group composition, the PSI committee shall handle this with a degree of flexibility.
2、関係者への挨拶 / Greeting to Parties Concerned
Once the PSI-2 groups have been decided, students are once again required to arrange to meet with all parties concerned with their respective groups.
3、協力学習計画の立案、承認 / Developing, Approval the Study Plan
Students are required to make a study plan. In PSI-1, the Japanese students played a central role in the creation of a study plan, however for PSI-2 it is the international students turn to create the study proposal.
Once the study proposal has been created, students are required to show it to their advisor for approval.
4、各回の協力学習計画の実施と記録の作成 / Execution of Study Plan and Keeping Study Record
Students are expected to gather regularly and carry their seminars according to the study plan which they have created on the syllabus system website. After each seminar, students are also required to add their study record to the website.
5、中間報告 / Interim Report
As in PSI-1, an interim presentation is planned. For students participating in PSI-3, they are advised to utilize this as an opportunity to practice for their presentation at the overseas host institution.
6、最終報告とアドバイザーへの報告 / Final Report and Reporting to your Adviser
As for PSI-1, a final presentation shall be made and once all group seminars have been conducted, each student must write a 3000 character (1000 word??) report to be uploaded to the syllabus system website. Reports may be written in either English or Japanese.


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