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2017 220 Comparative Property Law

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Lecturer: Bennett
Other Lecturers:
Course Type: Lecture
Semester: Spring
Year: 1&2
Course Periods: Thu 2
Credits: 2
Whether mandatory or not: Elective
Classroom: -


Outline of Lecture Course In the course we review selected topics in the law of property.
Course Objectives To know the available options for the design and reform of property systems, and to understand the risks and costs of imposing change.
Textbooks There is no textbook. There are only handouts.
Course Materials/Supplementaries Reading materials will be posted to a group account at
Assessment Participation: 20%; Mid-term paper: 40%; Final exam: 40%
Prerequisites Students should have an interest in property law.

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Lecture Theme Lecture Course Description Learning outside the class Related page
1 Introduction
2 Dominion vs Ownership
3 Title records
4 Transfers of title
5 Legal mortgages and charges
6 "Equitable" mortgages
7 Foreclosure methods

Adverse possession

(Due date for mid-term paper)

9 Property reform initiatives
10 Buildings: bilateral monopoly
11 Restrictive covenants
12 Leases: regulation and lease covenants
13 Common ownership
14 Extensions to the property concept
15 Examination

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